About me

My name is Petra Hugyecz

I’m 27 and I live in Budapest. I graduated from Faculty of Informatics at Eötvös Loránd University in 2018.

After that, I worked for a small company as a single game developer. We worked on a casual runner game for mobile platforms (Android, iOS).

In 2020, I wanted to try myself in different situations, so I switched to become a freelancer. This gives me opportunity to showcase my skills, learn new technologies and express my creativity.

As a freelancer game developer, my area of experties are the production of smaller and medium-sized game softwares to different platforms (Android, iOS, Windows, WebGL) and the development of other mobile applications.

My projects

Client projects

In mobile stores

Medium sized projects for clients, which appears in the mobile app stores (Google Play Store, App Store).


Small and medium sized projects, which doesn’t appear in mobile app stores. Clients usually use them on other platforms such as Android boxes, browsers, etc.

Unity Asset Store projects

These assets can be purchased (or downloaded) for game making or for any other ideas.

Game jams

This is an event where participants try to make a video game from scratch. It’s a great opportunity to learn new skills and meet new people.