Noodle Party

Currently I’m working on my own game idea since February of 2022.

I’ve always loved to solve puzzles and take tests. And I also love cute and quirky characters with stylized cartoonish style so I gathered all these and making it into a fun indie game.

My boyfriend helps me not to get too overboard with ideas, and he also develops some systems for the game.


It is a local multiplayer trivia party game for all ages. You’ll take control of your own customized noodle character, guiding them through questions and challenging mini games.

It will be available on Steam for Windows and possibly Linux. But maybe in the future it will be released to consoles as well.


This is our dream project, and we truly believe that it could be something that people will love and enjoy playing together. Because we’re a tiny team, we need a little push to release this game in that condition as we dreamed it at the first place. So we plan to put Noodle Party on crowfunding pages soon.


It’s planned to release in Q4 2022.





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